Saturday, October 29, 2011

pimiento rojo asado y sopa de tomate

roasted red pepper and tomato soup with cashew sour cream

fresh stewed and peeled tomatoes are best

12 roma tomatoes
water, quite a bit
1/2T salt

one: in large pot over high heat bring water and salt to rolling boil
two: add tomatoes and cover for 8-10 minutes, until skin starts to pull away
three: remove and cool
four: peel away skin with fingers


1T "fat"
1 onion chopped
2T vermouth
12 romas, stewed and peeled
4 red peppers, roasted and chopped
2C stock or broth
2t salt
3T sugar
cashew "sour cream" for drizzling on top

one: heat oil in pot over medium high heat
two: add onion; 'till translucient
three: add vermouth; reduce to syrupy consistency
four: add remaining ingredients; cover and bring to low boil/ simmer for 1 hour
five: puree


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